Antique and personal property appraisals

Complimented by expert staff, Family Affairs specializes in comprehensive documented appraisals and inventories of personal property and household liquidation.  Our expertise extends to diverse personal properties and antiques, costume jewelry, furs, toys, Native American artifacts, general household contents and even into various makes of tools.  
We do not appraise guns, coins or stamps but would be happy to refer you.

The type of appraisal selected is directed by you.  
Tailored to your specific needs, we can turn a daunting task into an efficient process.
All information obtained in connection with any appraisal will be regarded with the strictest confidence.

We do not do real estate appraisals or sales,
however, we can recommend qualified real estate professionals in the area.


Example of Appraisal page.

Example of Appraisal page.

Written personal property appraisals - $$$

Our written appraisals can be used for family, expert witness, court, or insurance purposes.  Written appraisals include:
     1 - Detailed Descriptions
     2 - Dimensions
     3 - Item Photographs

The type of appraisal selected is directed by you, the client:
     A - Replacement Value appraisal: typically wanted for insurance needs.
     B - Fair Market Value appraisal: for inheritance purposes or if you are planning to sell your items or just want to get an idea of what it is worth.

Minimum appraisal fee is $200 for up to 10 items.  Additional items at ~$10 per item.

Example of Inventory page.

Example of Inventory page.

written inventories - $$

A lower cost option than a written appraisal, our inventories can be used for family purposes when extensive detail about individual items doesn't need to be recorded.  Inventories include item names, value and very few details.  They do not include item photographs, dimensions, or a detailed description.

Minimum inventory fee is $200 for up to 25 items.  Additional items at ~$4 per item.


Verbal evaluation - $

Our lowest cost option, a verbal evaluation can be useful when no written options are needed.  Based on an hourly fee we can talk with you about your items while you take notes or we can put price sticker values on your items.  This is a great option if you're planning to do your own yard or estate sale but don't know the value of your items, or if you're looking for a low cost option and don't need legal documentation.  Verbal appraisals are not binding and cannot be used for any legal purposes.

Minimum verbal evaluation fee is $200 for 1 hour.  Most households can be completed in 1 hour (when discussing items only above $20 in value) but occasionally an additional hour is required at $100 per hour.