Once your family has decided what will be kept and what will be sold, Family Affairs reorganizes the remaining contents, pricing all items at fair market value, dividing out what will be sold, what can be donated and what will be refuse.  Valuables are stored in a secure display case. 

Our sales are aggressively advertised.  We also have a list of private clientele that are notified when a sale is taking place.  

We understand the delicate nature of a liquidation.  We will work closely with the executor and the family to make certain that all matters will be taken care of with the utmost professionalism.

If it is not practical to run a sale, Family Affairs will make offers on items of interest and provide recommendations for selling options for the rest of the items.

what you can expect from a family affairs estate sale

  1. You and Family Affairs Services LLC both sign a contract detailing:
    • Setup and sale dates.
    • Commission details and sale procedures
  2. Sale Setup - typically 5-10 days
    • Display items (on tables with table cloths) - perceived value is important!
    • Clean/wash items (if necessary)
    • Fill a "Family Box" (if necessary) of any personal items we come across that are not appropriate for sale (ie. Photos, documents, etc.)
    • Price items
    • Advertise the sale - SL Tribune, Deseret News, Private Email List, KSL, Craig's List, Facebook, Website
    • You do not have to be present during setup
  3. Family & Friends Sale (if desired)
    • If you have family and close friends that would like to purchase some of the estate items we can hold a 2-hour private sale prior to the public sale.
  4. Public Sale:
    • Typical 3-day sales are:  10am-3pm, Thursday - Saturday.
    • We'd love to work out which sale schedule works best for you.
    • You do not have to be present during the sale.  We will act on your behalf in the sale of your items.
  5. Post Sale
    • Although we pride ourselves on selling over 95% of the items in most estates, you will probably have a few items that do not sell.  At this point you have four main options:
      1. You keep the unsold items to either sell yourself or distribute as you see fit.
      2. We box/pack up everything and deliver it to the charity of your choice - you get an itemized receipt including donation value.
      3. We sell everything (or most things) to a bulk buyer (antique, furniture or specialty dealer) and add the income to your sales total.
      4. Any combination of the above three options.
    • The last thing out of your estate is our vacuum cleaner.  We will leave the estate in a clean, tidy manner so that it is ready to sell (if that is your next step).  We do not remove or dispose of any hazardous waste or food/water storage.
    • Within 1 day of our last cleanup day (our last day in your home) we will return your key(s).
    • Within 10 days of the last day of the public sale you will receive:
      1. A check in the amount of your total sales minus Family Affairs' commission.
      2. A donation receipt from the charity of your choice (if applicable).
      3. A summary of your sale including a spreadsheet of every invoice and sale totals.
      4. A copy of every invoice written at your estate sale.

Why choose family affairs services llc?

  • We promise we won't be doing multiple sales at the same time.  You get our full attention for the duration of your sale as well as our full customer list!
  • We treat your estate and your items as if they were our own.  We act on your behalf during the sale and are looking out for your best interest.
  • We've been in the estate sale, appraisal and antiques business over 35 years!